Warren "Angel" Worthington III (aviationtriad) wrote in nextthoughts,
Warren "Angel" Worthington III

Public Service Announcement

Okay, so you guys voted and I tallied our four votes up to 1 orange, 2 whatevers, and 1 yes--apparently democracy is a dying art--anyway, the move is a go. We'll be working on setting that jazz up. If you're still with us you can go make an account and leave the username in a comment here so either myself or Nat can add you. Right now we have the two communities (Next Phase and Next Thoughts) as well as the following:

Angel - angelofdeath
Cannonball - cannonball
White Queen - fallen_angel
Sunfire - fire_starter
Jean - fromtheashes
Iceman - frostbiten
Cyclops - slim
Mystique - hellsangel
Morph - mightymorph
Colossus - steeltitan
Polaris - magneticenergy
Havok - unleashedhavok
Wolverine - howlingrage
Gambit - lasthanddealt
Shadowcat - dark_shadowcat

And then our NPC accounts (chameleon and professor_x).

And guys--If you're still alive, please post. If you're dead, tell us that so we can clean up the character list and bribe someone else into joining. No really, this RP is on a breathing machine, just give us a sign as to where you are.
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