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I'm bored and so worked out a list of classes and a schedule for them. Each student must take one english, one social study, one math, and sciene. Then they get their choice of another class to add. What classes they take will depend on age, schooling, and such. So pick wisely.

English Classes
Creative Writing

Math Classes
Basic Math

Science Classes
Earth/Space Science

Social Studies
World History
United States History
International Affairs

Other Classes
Driver's Ed
Intro to Computer Technology
Auto Mechanics
Computer Applications
Foreign Language
Music Theory
Technology Systems

Training Classes
Basic Training (Hand-to-hand)
Power Control
Group Danger Room Sessions

The schedule will be as follows:
Monday: English and Basic Training.
Tuesday: Science classes and Power Control.
Wednesday: Other Classes and Basic Training.
Thrusday: Math Classes and Power Control.
Friday:Social Studies classes and Group Danger Room Session.
Saturday: Pyschic Shields Class for those that wishe to take it

The only ones who gets out of classes are Scott, Jean, and Logan.

Most classes will be taught by Jean, Xavier, or Hank. Yeah, I know we don't have a Hank but work with me here.

Auto Mechanics will be taught by Scott.

Driver's Ed will be a other Scott of Logan. Pity the ones who get Logan.

Power Control classes will mostly be with Xavier though from time to time you will be with Scott.

Technology and Computer classes will be taught by Mystique and count for her other class.

For Basic Training (Hand-to-hand)you will other be with Logan or Mystique depending upon the day and who you get stuck with. You may choose to do one day with one and the other day with the other.

Foreign Language will be a one on one basis and depends on Language who you will be tutored by.

Pyschic Shields Class will be taught by Xavier with Emma feeling in as needed.

Depending on Scott's mood, group sessions may happen more than once weekly. Power control classes will vary from taking place in the danger room to outside.

All classes will take place during the morning and afternoon hours with the evenings be free for study and play. Not all classes in the same subject will occur at the same time cause tutor might be teaching two different classes the same day so one student might have Poetry in the morning and another have composition an hour later.

So pick your classes and post your schedule below. Feel free to add in who you have for Basic Training or Driver's Ed if you want.

Note to Scott: If you wish to help handle some of the other classes, just drop them in your work schedule.

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