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Okay just so we're all on the same page and so we know what's going on with who and where, here's a brief things on the goings on.

-The dreams have ended but it's not over yet...

-Do to the stain on their enegry from the dreams, Mystique lost her and Piotr's baby. To try and heal the two went to Cancun but just found trouble. At the same time a few other left for a get away. All have since returned.

-Emma was taken over by a telepathic being stronger than herself and when she tried to gain control she was kicked out of her body and ended up in Bobby's.

-Rogue was on her computer when a mental attack hit making her think she's drowning. She has since went into a coma and went cold with Mariko having to come in once or twice a day to reboot her heat. Jean spends her time in the lab watching over her.

-Showing a great wealth of emotion that she doesn't normally show, Tessa thought Bobby should be there with Rogue and when things went wrong she ended up crying and showing more emotion which lead to a fight with Remy.

-Speaking of Bobby, because Emma can not be with Warren she decided that Bobby should not be with Rogue. So when he went to visit her, Emma fought him, which lead to his powers spazing and him leaving the room. Him with Emma in his head have not been seen since.

-The person in control of Emma's body has taken it back to the Hellfire to offer revenge. The Hellfire clubs believe the person to be Emma.

-Mariko, the once Exile, exisitence in the mansion has been driving Logan nuts. The two finally confronted each other. Mariko was a bit freaked and didn't respond well. Logan has not been seen since.

-Following the event in the hall, Mariko, Cal, and Morph hit the strip bar which lead to lots of drinking and Cal getting laid by four woman at the same time. Mariko found herself kissing Morph and left right after.

-Dani Moonstar is returning to the school. Alex and Scott go to pick her up but find trouble instead.

-Knowing he doesn't have a chance with Mariko as a guy, Morph did his homework on becoming a woman and as started dating Mariko. Which she has no clue that Charlene and Morph are one and the same.

-Monet has arrived at the school.

And that is your recap for the day, week, month, whatever. Anyone not mentioned I other have no idea what is going on with you (aka Kurt, Amanda, and TJ) or anything your character has been in has not effected the going ons.
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